Our Core Offer

Falcon does not have a one-size-fits-all approach – our support is tailored to the specific requirements of each school we work with. That said, there are certain things we know are at the heart of quality provision, and with this in mind there are key areas of work that Falcon will undertake each time we work with a school:

  • A comprehensive review of education and business operation
  • A bespoke plan highlighting key measurables to deliver transformation
  • Tailored expertise to work in partnership with the school on delivery
  • Regular contact with the school and periodic review to track progress, to monitor consistency and to ensure goals are achieve

At the heart of ensuring we can plan bespoke support is our comprehensive review of both education and business operation, leading to a unique plan and the identification of key areas for improvement or action.  Once the issues and/or risks have been identified, we then work to ensure we bring in the right people to work with staff at the school to resolve any problems or make any improvements thought to be beneficial. Throughout the period of time we work with a school, our partners and ourselves retain regular contact with staff at the school and will be involved at all stages of helping the school to develop. We know and understand that by working together we can truly influence sustained change for the better.

Whilst Falcon doesn’t have a “Falcon in a box” blueprint to implement, it does have a range of tools at its disposal to further the improvement of the school and may draw on some of the items listed below to improve the school’s working and ultimately the outcomes for its students and the quality of education they receive:

  • Undertaking a review of the curriculum offer and introducing changes to enhance the curriculum
  • Undertaking curriculum-led financial planning and making adjustments to improve efficiency
  • Undertaking a review of staffing to ensure roles and responsibilities are clear and structures are the best fit for the school
  • Undertaking a review of systems and processes to ensure effectiveness and accountability
  • Implementation of key compliancy systems to improve oversight and operational manageability
  • Introducing robust data and assessment systems
  • Implementation of clear routines for behaviour management and classroom learning
  • Pedagogical support to improve the quality of teaching
  • Forensic reading to improve literacy
  • Environmental changes to improve the climate for learning

The key elements to the support we provide to any academy and the approach we take can be summarised in the following “Academies School Improvement Framework” we adopt for each conversion or transfer into Falcon:


Additionally, we closely project manage every stage of improvement to help deliver exactly what is needed and to ensure the right balance of adaptability and flex as a school develops.