Our Partners

Depending on the precise nature of the support plan for each academy, Falcon will enlist the services of experienced experts either from its pool of individuals or partner trusts.

Whether the support is individual or broader from a trust, our partners will work collaboratively with colleagues in our academies to deliver on the actions identified in our bespoke plans in order to transform the quality of education and overall provision at each establishment.

Our partners are carefully vetted and pass stringent requirements in terms of both safeguarding and their ability to deliver on challenging matters. As you would expect, they have a wealth of experience in school transformation and are highly qualified professionals.  Not only is their support selected due to the nature of the help needed, it is also chosen in relation to the geographical setting of the school and with regard to the community the school serves, along with the phase and type of education on offer.

To date, Falcon has benefited from support from the following trusts:-