Our Purpose

Our purpose is to achieve rapid and sustainable improvement in the schools which join Falcon Education Academies Trust. We do this by drawing up targeted, effective, practical plans. These plans are developed from forensic due diligence undertaken to ascertain the precise characteristics of the schools, with expert support and resources then deployed to work with the schools collaboratively. We are there to foster support in our schools before they are strong enough to join another academy trust permanently and continue their journey of improvement.


  • To transform the lives of the children and young people educated in all of the schools with which we work.
  • To raise standards in schools where there is no other support available and standard operating trusts are unable to be involved.
  • To support communities that are in need of quality educational provision that their children have the right to.

We recognise that there will be a combination of different issues in each school or academy. These may include academic standards, pupil outcomes, the quality of teaching, school leadership, staff recruitment and retention, falling rolls, and poor reputations in the community. There may be other related factors such as poor governance, compliance and risk management, and financial and/or estates management. But the schools may also have a number of strengths which are preserved and enhanced; and the issues may not be the fault of the schools.

We are confident of the immediate, sustained improvement we and our schools can achieve because our Trust has been specifically established with a strong team of trustees and senior leaders with proven track records in improving schools. The Trust can also draw upon support from a network of partner multi-academy trusts and experts to provide additional capability and capacity.

Once a school has achieved the required progress and its positive future is secure, and only if it is in the best interests of the school and its students, we then transfer the school to another successful multi-academy trust which will be its permanent home. This feature of our trust means that we can then utilise our capacity to take in and work with another school which would benefit from our expertise.