Welcome from the CEO

Hello… I am delighted to welcome you to Falcon Education Academies Trust and would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.

Firstly, I think it’s important to explain why our multi-academy trust is different to others! While all trusts seek to drive improvement in their schools, Falcon was the first to be set up specifically with that in mind. So, we have a different way of working with our schools to give them what they need so that they can improve to the point that they are able to leave us and join a new academy trust permanently.

Falcon is also different because it supports its schools for a relatively short period of time, working with them to address the challenges they may face until they are strong enough to join another academy trust permanently. I like to describe us as a club a school joins for a while to gain dedicated support to enhance the life chances of its students, after which the school then moves on to the next phase, via an agreed exit strategy, which will also be designed to support the best outcomes for all students. Staff at the school will also benefit from shared best practice while with Falcon and when the school joins its permanent academy trust.

In line with its focus on time-specific, rapid transformation, the other big difference between Falcon and other trusts is its ability to garner the very best in support that is available. Falcon partners with other trusts and with a network of individuals, matching experts in their fields to schools where they work collaboratively to address the areas identified through our bespoke plans. Falcon specialises in supporting schools facing a variety of challenges from governance, financial management and buildings issues, to marketing, staffing and school improvement. The fact that we bring in the most highly skilled trusts and individuals linked to the precise needs of the schools joining us means that schools can be confident that they are getting the very best advice and level of support to move them forward at pace.

We offer effective support across all phases of education – secondary, primary, specialist and alternative provision. Furthermore, we experience of working with the maintained and academy sectors, including free schools.

It is impossible to truly give a flavour of things without stepping into one of our academies but I hope this summary, and other information found on this website, provides a helpful overview of what we do and how. If you would like to find out more about our work, or would like to visit one of our academies, please contact us directly.

CEO – Falcon Education Academies Trust